About Career Focus Inc

Career Focus Inc. is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Since 2013, Career Focus Inc. has worked with individuals to find and maintain employment within the community. Our mission is to help a diverse group of people (including persons with disabilities, veterans, and youth in transition) find employment of their choosing. Jobs are targeted to an individual’s abilities, health status and goals.

We all know how life can be challenging and hard. And that there’s no answer always to all the issues you may face. We are here to help you.

– Cassandra Garvey


On the Job Training

The OJT program provides Career Focus Inc. participants with the training and work experience necessary to obtain and maintain permanent employment, thereby becoming self-sufficient.

Self Advocacy Training

Self-advocacy is the empowerment of students to recognize their abilities and to ask for assistance when needed without using their limitations as a crutch.

Youth Training Services

Youth Services offers support programs for eligible high school students ages 14–21 to assist them in finding employment, furthering education and identifying youth leadership opportunities.

Direct Job Placement

We provide individualized support to secure a sustainable, paid job in the open labour market for people with disabilities, long term conditions and multiple barriers to work.